Name Namesson

"My writing comes from a need for investigation. I need to investigate why so many things are strange. Why the obvious is so difficult to see. Why the obscure is so tempting, when the disciplin of thought and clarity of language is one of the most beautiful features of being human. As a child I hated magic tricks. I hated that the sole purpose was that you shouldn’t understand something that was explicable and would be informatory to learn. I hated that the audience’s part was to passively accept, submit and then cheerfully forget. I couldn’t forget. How did they do it?

If you have knowledge, share it! If you know something, explain it! That feeling has stayed with me and shaped my outlook on life. If I first had seen the magic trick and then been informed about how it was done I would have learned something about vision, the brain, the mind and manipulation – and I would have found it fascinating. Now all I experienced was the exercise of power. And all the power was with the magician.