Siri Helle

Siri Helle (b. 1990) is a psychologist and writer. She was awarded Lilla Psykologipriset 2017 for her work as a writer, speaker and media profile. Burn All Bridges is her debut.

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Smarter Than Your Phone

How to use your phone to feel better, become more efficient and strengthen your relationships

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Do you update Instagram or check emails every 5 minutes? Do you always bring your phone to the bathroom? Are you addicted to your smartphone? In Smarter Than Your Phone, psychologist Siri Helle clears up the misconceptions about how we are affected by our phones. The book is a simple guide on how to regain control of your usage and focus on what’s important.

We are flooded with alarm reports about our smartphones. We are told they make us superficial, stressed and distracted. At the same time, there are few of us who would like to live without all the possibilities of a smartphone. Screen-free time and digital detox can be great - but preferably we want to use our mobile phones in ways that strengthen our well-being and help us achieve our goals. Using new technologies should promote health and a good life rather than steal time and exploit our shortcomings. There are initiatives like the Time Well Spent movement for example, initiated by individuals within the tech industry, that are trying to raise awareness about these issues.

In this book, Siri Helle clears up the myths and misunderstandings about the effect our smart phones have on us. She provides tips and advice as well as explanations as to why the phones are designed as they are. The book teaches you how you take control of your habits and focus on what’s important to you.

Siri Helle

Original title:
Smartare än din telefon: Hur du använder mobilen för att må bättre, bli effektivare och stärka dina relationer

January 2019

Non-fiction, Self-help

Original publisher:
Natur & Kultur

Reading material:
Swedish manuscript, English sample

195 pp.


“Amidst all the outcries and pointers of this debate, it is relaxing to read a guide that is both so nuanced and well founded. I got practical help right from chapter one. This book should be included amongst obligatory education for both adolescents and adults!”

Anna Bennich Karlstedt, psychologist, author and expert at TV4 Nyhetsmorgon


“Here you will find tips regarding technical issues, as well as advice on ways of thinking and habits.”


“With Smarter Than Your Phone, Siri Helle manages to write an entertaining, but also intelligible summary of an important area of research.”

Per Carlbring, professor of psychology at Stockholm University.


“In Smarter Than Your Phone by psychologist Siri Helle, truths and myths about our mobile phone use are brought to light. Interesting and educational!”

Må Bra


Burn All Bridges


On the surface, Liv Björk has a perfect life. A well-paid finance job, fresh smoothies for breakfast and cocktails at trendy bars. So why is she so unhappy?

One day she realizes she has had enough. Enough of the lunch room competitions over who’s got the healthiest lunch and most fancy vacation plans. Enough with morning meetings, account managing, crying in the bathroom during breaks. Enough with pictures of kale smoothies on Instagram and the constant strive for a better job, better boyfriend, more workouts and more likes. 

As a teenager, Liv wrote a letter to herself to read if she ever considered committing suicide. In the letter she asks her future self to give life a second chance, do the things she always dreamt of but never did. Liv decides to give it three months. And when she meets the idealistic and spontaneous Sanna, she starts to see life from a different perspective. But what will she do when the three months have passed?

Burn All Bridges deals with issues of our time with both gravity and humor. How do we really feel behind our polished pictures? In this smart feel good novel, Siri Helle examines the question many of us have asked: how do I become happy?

Siri Helle

Original title:
Bränn alla broar

February 2018

Feel good

Original publisher:
LB Förlag

Reading material:
Swedish manuscript

276 pp.


“Finally! Do you know how difficult it is to find good literature with queer couples? Liv and Sanna are treated like real people! Siri Helle brings you on a journey, Liv is a relatable character with her shortcomings, and one cares for her and those in her vicinity. I read the book in one day, could not put it down. I laughed, I cried and it has an obvious place in my bookshelf.”

Martina (5 stars on Bokus) 

“What a debut! Warm, dark, with a great sense of humor."

Cecilia Davidsson, writer



"Burn All Bridges by Siri Helle is written with both humour and reflection and captures our bustling way of life spot on."

Amelia Magazine 

Burn All Bridges is a fresh treat among the feel good books. It’s the kind of book I want to read in a single sitting, but at the same time never want to end. A strong debut by Siri Helle.”

villa freja

“Fantastic, entertaining and beautiful!”

Jennies Boklista