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Linda Olsson & Thomas Sainsbury

Thomas Sainsbury and Linda Olsson are writing under the pseudonym Adam Sarafis.

Photo: Kathrin Simons


The Matakana Series – Something is Rotten

In MATAKANA No. 1, Something Is Rotten, Sam Hallberg, a bureaucrat not able to work after the murder of his wife, helps a young prostitute investigate her best friends sudden death. In the meantime, Sam’s friend Lynette, New Zealand’s most hard-core business journalist is interviewing New Zealand’s corporate leaders without getting answers to her questions. Dark deals are driven by political ambition and human greed. This is a vast exposé that links together current affairs and top businessmen with war criminals and heroes that died in Iraq.

In MATAKANA No. 2, Not Even The Gods Can Help Us, Sam is caught in a race against time to expose the breach of New Zealand’s nuclear-free policy.

In MATAKANA No. 3, The Grip of Death, a small bankrupt country is in turmoil, the corrupt government has no control and people in distress becomes an easy target for big international business interest.

Adam Sarafis

Original title:
Something is Rotten

May 2015


Original publisher:
Five Mile Press

Reading material:
English and Swedish manuscript (final)

277 pp.

Australia & New Zealand/Five Mile Press


“... combining page-turning storytelling with some thought-provoking themes.”