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Marie-Louise Marc

Marie-Louise Marc is a debutant with plenty of writing experience. As a journalist she has worked with magazines such as Amelia and Elle. During the 90's, Marc worked in Los Angeles, where she interviewed stars like Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In a spot on language, filled with humour, lovable characters and great cinematic settings, Marie-Louise Marc is rights on track towards becoming one of our most loved and appreciated feel good-authors.

Photo: Niklas Palmklint

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Betty's World


Betty Svan is a reporter at glossy Gala Magazine. Despite having a crazy boss, she is happy with her job as the most dedicated journalist on love in the country, and she just got in to a passionate relationship with Dan, the editor-in-chief at a golf magazine. Summer is approaching, Stockholm is getting warmer and life is good. Or is it? Before long, dark clouds cover Betty’s sky. Dan turns out to have some less than charming traits, word is out about downsizing at the magazine, Betty’s mother keeps escaping from the retirement home she is placed at, and Betty is both worrying about and missing her adult children.

At the same time, sparks are flying between Betty and her new neighbor, the handsome psychiatrist Henrik. But, is it possible for a doctor to fall in love with a gossip columnist? And will Betty dare to open herself up to the possibility of love again?

Welcome to a pulsating world, filled with celebrity gossip, healthy spirulina shots, views of Stockholm and, above all, romance!

Betty’s World is the first book in the series about Betty.

Marie-Louise Marc

Original title:
Bettys värld

March 2017

Feel good

Original publisher:
Printz Publishing

Reading material:
Swedish manuscript (final)
English sample

369 pp.

”Unlike many other feel good-heroines, Bettys leads a normal life, being a single mother with adult kids having to move back home again, a high-maintenance mother in a retirement home, trouble booking the communal laundry room, and a trying boss. And, of course, love problems. Because of this we like Betty even more, and the novel is a pleasure to read, smart and funny without as much as one dead minute. You want to read more about Betty.”


”Printz Publishing has a sense of what works. They prove that once again with Betty’s World, a wonderful feel good-novel about Betty.
Marie-Louise Marc has created a well-written story that works in both dialogue and plot. A pleasure to read!"

aaaa – Amelia

“What impresses me most is the courage to approach the painful experiences that we all must share some day. I can’t help but tear up a bit towards the end.”


 ”Marie-Louise Marc’s Bettys World is an entertaining romantic comedy set in the world of magazines, a world the author knows better than most.”

FFFF – Femina

”A wonderful feel good-novel with a high level of recognition and depictions that are spot on of the relationship between mother and daughter, career, and love later in life. A perfect read on your next holiday.”

Damernas Värld