Malin Thunberg Schunke

Malin Thunberg Schunke is an associate professor in criminal law and has worked as a prosecutor. She is born in Skövde but now lives in Hanover and Sardinia with her family. A Higher Purpose is her first novel.

Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström

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“A fantastic book, the best I have read in recent years.”



“Debut author Malin Thunberg Schunke has written a nail-biting thriller based on an unpleasantly credible story about a society where the fear of terrorists sometimes outweighs the demand for enough evidence and legal security.”

Dagens Nyheter


“A debut author who plunges the thriller-knife into the reader where it hurts most. What actions would I take if a friend were to be imprisoned as a terrorist? How important is my own level of comfort?”


“This summer’s big thriller handles themes of ethics, persuasion and prejudice, but more than anything, this book is a real spine-chiller where the suspense holds until the very last page.”



“Highly suspensful and relevant.”


“An engaging and thought-provoking drama with several layers.”



A Higher Purpose


During an exclusive stag party in Juan-les-Pins, on the French Riviera, Swedish citizen Amir Yasin finds himself caught up in a shooting at a bar. He looses track of his friends in the confusion and later finds himself detained in a Paris prison, suspected of murder. Following a series of terrorist attacks in Europe, the authorities are on high alert. Therefore, the judge assigned to Amir’s case is going to rule this investigation with an iron fist.

The hunt for the gunman or gunmen spans several countries. At Eurojust in The Hague, Swedish prosecutor Esther Edh and her colorful Italian boss Fabia Moretti are part of the European investigation team. The complex case is soon overshadowed by power games and national infighting. Who is Amir Yasin and what really happened at the bar in Juan-les-Pins?

Isolated from his family in Stockholm, Amir Yasin struggles desperately to get justice, but above all to survive in Fleury-Mérogis, one of Europe’s largest and most brutal prisons.

A Higher Purpose is a novel about betrayal, prejudice and evil, but also trust, friendship and love. It looks at law enforcement where the fight against cross-border crime is further complicated when it involves people of different nationalities. The novel also looks at that sense of sheer hopelessness someone can have in the legal system and how not just one person, but an entire family can be destroyed by it. The book is the first in the series with Esther Edh och Fabia Moretti and their fight against international crime.

Malin Thunberg Schunke

Original title:
Ett högre syfte

May 2019


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Swedish manuscript (final)
English sample

350 pp.