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Lars Magnusson

Lars Magnusson is a professor in Economic History at Uppsala University, and was the vice chancellor of said university 2005–2017. Member of the Royal Academy of Science, chairman in Scandinavian Society of Economic and Social History. Magnusson is the author of 20 popular works and well over 100 high-impact academic articles.


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Financial Crashes


Since the time of the birth of capitalism in Medieval Europe, financial bubbles and crashes has been all too well known. But why do they occur – and how?

From the bankruptcies of popes and kings, via the tulips of the Netherlands, the railways of America, and the matches of Kreuger, to Lehman Brothers – this books unfolds the intricate connections between local and global actors, heroes and villains, states and companies, short-term and long-term analysis that have fostered the dramatic fluctuations of the financial history. And if history can teach us anything, it is that the future seems darker than ever.

Not only a history of bubbles and crashes, professor Magnusson’s book also gives the reader a condensed history of the financial and economic world.

Lars Magnusson

Original title:
Finanskrascher - Från kapitalismens födelse till Lehman Brothers

March 2018


Original publisher:
Natur & Kultur

Reading material:
Swedish manuscript (final)
English synopsis

276 pages