Kicki Sehlstedt

Kicki Sehlstedt is a journalist and criminologist. For many years she was the news director at one of Sweden’s biggest evening papers and is now the producer of a tv-show about crime.

She has come across many girls who have experienced sexual violence and writing her debut novel Sweet Lolita has been a way to process and tell their stories, and at the same time explore what it’s like to be a girl.

Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström


Sweet Lolita


Do parents know what their kids are doing online and who they are talking to? Young girls’ insecurities and need for validation are easy to exploit. What happens when an encounter that started out as a game goes too far? 

Kajan Berglund is an impressive, unconventional professor of criminology at Stockholm University. She is not afraid to speak her mind and she loves to undermine her pompous male colleagues. Kajan is well-known in the academic world and appears on news panels whenever a fearless expert is needed to comment on recent court cases. When her favourite PhD student, Bianca Svantesson, is found dead, Kajan suspects that Bianca’s unfinished thesis might have something to do with it. 

One night Bianca’s sister, the investigative journalist Aida Svantesson, appears on her doorstep. Aida is torn up with regret over not having been there for her younger sister, while also dealing with some unpleasant suspicions about her partner. Together, Kajan and Aida decide to find out what has happened to Bianca. Their search takes them behind the closed doors of teenage bedrooms, where the desire for validation can easily be taken advantage of.

Sweet Lolita is the first part of a new gripping female noir series about the crimes that happen right under our noses.

Kicki Sehlstedt

Original title:
Sweet Lolita

May 2018

Suspense novel

Original publisher:

Reading material:
Swedish manuscript (final)
Full English translation

428 pages



”Summer Stockholm is burning and you cannot stop reading.

A terrifyingly topical and fast-paced story.”

Damernas Värld


“A very well-written and thought-provoking book that feels especially topical after #metoo. The author writes about heavy subjects without being overexplicit and she leaves the readers to draw their own conclusions. You can tell that Kicki Sehlstedt is both a journalist and a qualified criminologist. There are no lulls in the story and she gives a convincing account, both in the portrayal of the young girls and of the jargon in a newsroom and a university environment.“

Blog, Mrs. E’s books

“The author is a criminologist and has managed to make an exciting, credible, in-depth study of one our most abominable crimes today /…/ A thriller that combines an urgent subject with a story that evolves into a page-turner. " 



“Debut novel Sweet Lolita is about how girls seeking attention are being abused, but also about women who dare to speak up in a man’s world. A thrilling suspense novel that leads one to think of #metoo.” 

Amelia Magazine


“Sehlstedt convincingly depicts the mechanisms around this kind of abuse and introduces the odd couple Aida Svantesson and Kajan Berglund whose stories are to be continued. A very touching depiction.“

Upsala Nya Tidning


“A thriller inspired by real life that leaves me shaken. I would love to meet the colorful main characters, the journalist Aida and the criminology professor Kajan, again in the future.“

Expressen Sunday


Sweet Lolita has reached us at the right time, even though the subject really is timeless. /…/The book provokes a lot of thoughts on attitudes towards women, but it also takes the reader inside teenage girls' heads. Young people who are in a transition-time and are trying to revolt while finding themselves in a tough world.

The book is a straightforward depiction of the bizarre reality of our time. Sweet Lolita feels very urgent and leaves the reader to reflect. It's a book that cannot be ignored.“

Tidningen Kulturen

“A very good debut! I was sucked into the story straight away, especially the parts about the broken Matilda. These parts are so awful and up to date since grooming is an internet-reality that grows by the day. Kajan is a lovely character that I also became attached to. I'm already longing for the next part of the Stories that has to be told. A confident debut!“

Läsa & Lyssna

“Kicki Sehlstedt does a great job combining a nail-biting thriller with serious topics in her literary debut.”

Bloggen Johannas deckarhörna


“A scary book about the vulnerability of young girls. A very important book that everyone should read. It is apparent that the author knows what she writes about and that she has an insight into these girls’ world. How easily things can go wrong. How things might move beyond one's control and become unmanageable.
It was difficult to put the book down and it really played on my feelings. I felt everything from angry, resigned, desperate and happy.
I liked it a lot and I urge you all to read it.“

Lilla Bokbloggen

“This book is an eye-opener for the adult world, a reminder of what’s going on online. /…/ Read it! It’s not just a tip but also a summons!”

Instagram Bokfrun