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Kicki Sehlstedt

Kicki Sehlstedt is a journalist and criminologist. For many years she was the news director at one of Sweden’s biggest evening papers and is now the producer of a tv-show about crime.

She has come across many girls who have experienced sexual violence and writing her debut novel Sweet Lolita has been a way to process and tell their stories, and at the same time explore what it’s like to be a girl.

Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström


Sweet Lolita


Early summer, and the weather is warm in Stockholm. Thirteen-year-old Matilda Karlsson is looking for thrills with her new friends.  At the same time, a woman is found dead after a wedding in the archipelago. The deceased woman turns out to be the sister of journalist and former war correspondent Aida Svantesson.

When looking into her sister Bianca’s death, help comes from an unexpected place: from the famously outspoken professor of criminology Kajan Berglund. She is well known in the academic world and a frequent visitor in the television studios, and becomes a partner in Aida’s desperate search for answers.

Bianca was Kajan’s favourite PhD student and her unfinished work at the university leads them on a trail that takes them to underground sex clubs and young girls who lead a secret life beyond their parents' worst nightmares.

Sweet Lolita depicts life behind closed doors in teenage-rooms and shows how easily the hunt for attention and confirmation can be exploited. It is a terrifying and important book about the vulnerability of girls and young women.

Kicki Sehlstedt

Original title:
Sweet Lolita

May 2018

Suspense novel

Original publisher:

Reading material:
Swedish manuscript (final)

400 pages