Johan Carle

Johan Carle (b. 1975) is a writer, bartender and long distance runner. He lives in Gothenburg and also teaches writing classes. Midsummer Blues is his debut novel.

Photo: Niklas Palmklint


Midsummer Blues

It is Midsummer Night’s Eve in the small village Klingared outside Borås. The rain is pouring down and from the rackety speakers on the temporary stage at the sports field you can hear classic Swedish midsummer songs. In the swarming crowd, we meet the main characters of the book: Dolly with her bag-in-box with rosé wine, the outcast Anders by the lake, Rebecka with her hand sanitizer and her frustration, and Bok, the poet, who has a university degree but still works at the sawmill. There is also the vicar’s wife Eva, who is in control – but only on the surface, the cranky old man Lindblom and Marie at the café. Marie who really needs to break up and start over – but does she have the courage?

Life is taking its course in Klingared, but underneath emotions are running high: unresolved love, bitterness and old conflicts. But this year things are about to change.

Midsummer Blues is a warm, tender and humorous story about the genuine people of the small community and the great challenges they face. It is the first instalment that Printz Publishing (Dave Nicholls, Jojo Moyes) is publishing in their aim to create a series of Swedish feel good-novels.

Johan Carle

Original title:
Små grodorna

August 2016

Feel good

Original publisher:
Printz Publishing

Reading material:
Swedish manuscript (final)
English sample

271 pp.

“A linguistically very elegant debut. […] This story mixes tall tale, humour and severity with deep tragedy.”