At This Moment I Am Here

Elise takes classes at the university and uses Tinder to get dates. The GPS in her phone is constantly on while she is exchanging experiences of anti-depressants with her friends. The only men she really likes are middle aged ones, they are like horses, calm, content, lacking anxiety, eating, sleeping, and telling each other lame anecdotes. She would love to be a horse.

When Elise meets Victor, she already knows what he looks like without his clothes on: she has seen photos from his latest vacation on Facebook. And even though he is her own age, she is instantly happy, but what is happiness – and what is emptiness?

At This Moment I Am Here is about saying “I love you” in a time where all words have lost their magic and meaning, but where the longing for intimacy is inevitable. A time where it is more important who people think that you are, than what the reality is.

At This Moment I Am Here is a depiction of Stockholm, in the tradition of Hjalmar Söderberg, but also a relationship novel in this modern age.

Isabelle Ståhl

Original title:
Just nu är jag här

May 2017

General Fiction

Original publisher:
Natur & Kultur

Reading material:
Swedish manuscript
English sample translation

295 pp.


Denmark/C&K Forlag

At This Moment I am Here was shortlisted for the August Prize 2017 in the category of Best Swedish Fiction Book of the Year.