Frida Andersson Johansson

Frida Andersson Johansson (b. 1975) is Sweden's new horror queen. Her debut novel Drowned is a horror story where Nordic folklore become reality in a quiet suburb. Frida Andersson Johansson has also written several short stories and been published in anthologies. She lives in Segeltorp, in the south of Stockholm, with her husband and two kids.

Photo: Elin Parmhed

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Nine ancient oaks on a hill. Something evil that seems to be oozing from the ground. A string of mysterious events and a young man brutally stabbed by his best friend.

At the same time, maritime archaeologist Disa is struggling both with her love life and her work at the Vasa Museum. Her latest task leaves her feeling uneasy. Along with her colleague Greger, Disa is going to restore a wooden figurine to be mounted on the Vasa ship. They name the figure The Wildling, and his body made of oak seems to be holding a lot of secrets. Secrets that stem from when the ship was built in the 17th century, and perhaps even further back in time – when the gods demanded a blood sacrifice.

The Vasa ship sunk in Stockholm in 1628. 333 years later, the mighty ship was salvaged, and the Vasa museum is today the most visited museum in all of Scandinavia. With that as a backdrop, Disa is being pulled into a whirlwind of events, where nightmares become reality. The past and the present intertwine and death might lie in a shard of wood.

Oak is a horror novel that mixes science and old folklore, with a modern twist.

Frida Andersson Johansson

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Spring 2020


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