Evin Ahmad

Evin Ahmad (b. 1990) has in a short period of time become one of Sweden’s most talented young actresses. Her movie debut came in 2007 with an adaptation of Jonas Hassen Khemiri’s novel Ett öga rött. Today, she is part of the permanent ensemble at Folkteatern in Gothenburg.

Photo: Johan Bergmark

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One Day I Will Build a Castle of Money


“This guy once said that blue-line people feel the most down in Stockholm.
He said it was because we’re always traveling in the dark. The only sun and only light we see really, is between two stops. 
Other than that, we go from one subway station to the next through a dark tunnel.
All year around.”

Evin Ahmad’s debut is a striking novel of travel and movement. From one place to another, one age to another, one future to another. From the benches in the suburb Akalla, Adidas pants and fake Ray Bans from Alanya, to the posh drama school on Östermalm in central Stockholm, where they teach you to breath in the right way and provide massages.  

It is a story about becoming an artist, and to be young in our day and age. About navigating between guilt and heritage, choosing between different kinds of betrayal, and trusting your own talent. The story has an explosive energy, anger and euphoria, and grief for all that is already lost.

Evin Ahmad

Original title:
En dag ska jag bygga ett slott av pengar

August 2017


Original publisher:
Natur & Kultur

Reading material:
Swedish manuscript (final)
English sample

120 pages


"Multitalent Evin Ahmad has released a book! One Day I Will Build a Castle of Money is a brilliantly written and stylistically perfect debut about power and class, guilt and legacy. We at Bokus like it a lot!" 




"A lot of heart. The stereotypes get a real thrashing."

Dagens Nyheter


"A heap of talent"



"An extraordinary talent!"


 “When Evin Ahmad deliberately unfolds an engaging life, piece by piece in the form of a young narrator's complexity and determination, the pieces fall into place and form a whole that burns. From the inside out.”

Sveriges Radio P1


“Actress Evin Ahmads debut is a flow of thoughts which sits perfectly on paper. A journey between words and places - between worlds and prejudices. About being free while stuck in the same role.”