Caroline Hainer

Caroline Hainer (b. 1976) is a writer and a cultural journalist focusing on film and TV. Among others, she writes for the Swedish magazine Icon, Svenska Dagbladet and Sveriges Television.

Men Show Me Their Dicks is her third book. She made her debut in 2013.

Photo: Max Brouwers

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"... mandatory reading"

Johan Hilton, DN

Between the covers a brilliant well-written essay on man’s, and therefor humanity’s, relationship to the phallus is concealed. The tone is sober and knowledgeable. She is not looking to condemn or make fun, but truly wants to try to understand the background to dick pics.
— Ålandstidningen

Men Show Me Their Dicks


“A dickpic is actually a product of a man’s extremely close relationship with his penis, a friendship that has grown since mankind developed from primates. It is a representation of a culturally shaped masculinity and the fascination among men to measure and compare, above all their own performance. The dickpic is also a phallus, and a much stronger one than a high tower or an expensive motorcycle. It is part of the new, technological courting ritual. However, it is not as recent as one might think, it has apparent historical connotations. In short: the dickpic is a modern phenomenon with cultural and historical anchorage. The dickpic is about a male stereotype in transition. The question is: What are we going to do with it?”


Why do young boys love to draw dicks in the snow?

How come seven out of ten men has a nickname for their penis?

What compels a man to send a dickpic?


In Men Show Me Their Dicks, journalist Caroline Hainer is looking for the answers. The focal point is the male genitals, and men’s complex relationship with them. The search takes her to a questioned masculinity, classical art, the law, political campaigns and the dark nooks of the internet.

Caroline Hainer

Original title:
Män visar kuken för mig

October 2017


Original publisher:

Reading material:
Swedish manuscript
English and German sample

192 pp.

Finland/Schildts & Söderströms
Norway/Cappelen Damm