The Noble Vixen – Book 3

It is June 1810 and there is a fire on the terrace of the Fersen family palace. Countess Sophie Piper moves restlessly back and forth, feeding the fire with letters and transcripts that under no circumstance may end up in wrong hands. On the streets of Stockholm, you can hear the mobs shouting: they are going to hang the vixen in her own bowels and then have supper at Haga castle.

At Haga Charlotta is preparing for flight. A boat is waiting in Brunnsviken to take her away if the people decide to attack the castle. They are both victims of a carefully planned hate campaign directed from The Happy Ewe. A tavern owned by Johanna, who was once Charlotta’s chamber maid.

The Noble Vixen is the independent and concluding novel in the trilogy about Charlotta, Sophie and Johanna. It is a story of hatred that destroys and love that survives despite all.

Anna Laestadius Larsson

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September 2015

Historical fiction

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Full Swedish manuscript

409 pp.