The Royal Child Bride – Book 1

It is June 1774 and the royal ship of the line Sofia Albertina approaches the coast of Sweden. On board is Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta, fifteen years old and the youngest royal bride in Sweden's history.  

The popular noblewoman Sophie von Fersen silently curses her mother who forced her on the journey. She does not want to look after a difficult German child, in her mind she is at a ball in the arms of Prince Fredrik's. In Stockholm, Gustav III and his court prepare a grand reception. The expectations on the girl are high, she will marry the king's brother Karl and give the country the long-awaited heir.

And far below the castle's beautiful state apartments, Johanna wakes up – she is a mute girl who empties the chamber pots every morning.

This is the introduction to journalist Anna Laestadius Larsson's debut novel The Royal Child Bride which is the first part in a trilogy. A story of friendship, betrayal, lust for power and for freedom that takes the reader back to the Gustavian era, depicted from the women's perspective.

Anna Laestadius Larsson

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September 2013

Historical fiction

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Full Swedish manuscript

409 pp.