Morgan Larsson

Morgan Larsson is a writer and a journalist. The Coffin Builders is his third novel.

Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström

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The Coffin Builders


A group of people is gathered on a beautiful island. In the midst of astonishing greenery Samuel Miller raises his glass of champagne and welcomes everyone: To build your own coffin might seem as the most depressing thing ever. But it’s quite the opposite. With every nail hammered into the coffins, you will without a doubt be inspired to do what you truly desire in your life before it’s too late. Some of the participants think that he is overdoing it. But as the coffins start to take form, secrets, hidden motives and neglected love are brought to the surface and soon nothing will ever be the same again.

The Coffin Builders is a warm and entertaining novel about a group of people with different pasts who when confronted with their own death are forced to ask themselves what they are really living for. Written in the same vein as Jonas Jonasson’s best sellers, this funny and existential novel is a non-stop immersive read on how to make the most of our lives.

Morgan Larsson

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September 2019

Commercial Fiction

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Swedish manuscript
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”Morgan Larsson’s language is swift and joyous.”

Borås Tidning