Katia Wagner

Katia Wagner is an award-winning investigative journalist and author. She has written several books exploring radicalization, human trafficking, sexual abuse and parallel societies - most often depicted by the faiths of young people.

Her work has taken her  to locations in Europe, West Africa, North Africa, the Middle East. She has met people in difficult and vulnerable situations—in refugee camps, prisons and brothels, on rescue ships, at sickbeds and gravesites.

Her most recent book No Place for Me has been widely acclaimed.

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No Place for Me

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Ghazi and Katia first meet in Oslo in 2012. He has left Tunisia and journeyed across the Mediterranean in search of a better life, only to end up on the outskirts of society. Katia is a journalist working on a book about unaccompanied minors making the harsh journey alone. Katia and Ghazi become close. When Ghazi is to be deported from Norway and forced to return to Tunisia, his tone is hardened. Instead of the latest news on Messi and Ronaldo, Ghazi sends Katia terror propaganda videos.

In her poignant and personal depiction No Place for Me, Katia Wagner tells the story about a young man’s journey into radical Islam. We follow Ghazi for seven years, starting with his quiet life with his grandmother in Tunisia, via Sweden and Norway and finally into the darkness of war-ravaged ISIS territory.

This is a heartfelt story of a life driven to ruin in the search for stability and human decency. It’s also a nuanced eyewitness account trying to understand the mechanisms driving young people into radical movements, and the merciless aftermath for those who manage to get out.

Katia Wagner

Original title:
No Place for Me

August 2019


Original publisher:
Natur & Kultur

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In order to understand the time we are living in, this is a crucial read.
— Göteborgs-Posten